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Matthew Headden, a U.S. Army veteran, has been in the fitness industry for nearly 15 years. With a formal education in Nutritional Science and Nutritional Psychology and a career path that has ranged from gym sales, upper management, consulting, and hundreds of clients, he realized that the biggest obstacle facing people in today’s world was not knowing what to do it was knowing how to do it sustainably with such a hectic schedule.

Tools for Success


We believe that the best place to start with each client is to get an overall picture of your current priorities and what you want them to become, your daily life, routine, eating habits, support system, and roadblocks. We then evaluate ways to streamline and integrate the life you want to create into your current one. By doing this, we can create a personalized, sustainable, and adaptable plan of action.


Our fitness plans are as unique as our clients. Each plan is based on three key factors: (1) your current fitness level, (2) your fitness goals, and (3) best-in-class exercise regimes. Our experience and ability to listen to your body and your goals give us a unique advantage when it comes to building the right fitness plan for you.


We believe that the best way to approach fitness is through adapting your current tendencies one step at a time. We utilize our knowledge and coaching skills, backed by an education in Nutritional Science and Psychology and experience to help create a lifestyle that’s right for you while encouraging and educating you along the way as you begin to implement the plan.

"Life doesn't get less crazy. Stop waiting for the right time and plan accordingly.

Matthew Headden


"Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions."

Tony Robbins


"Discipline makes today hard, but tomorrow easy."

Matthew Headden


“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”

Babe Ruth


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Our goal is for every client to be self-sufficient. We want you to become confident and educated enough, never to wonder what to do again.  Let's get started!

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